ETELA Charitable Trust

Pavel Faiereisl - Executive Director of FANY Gastroservis Ltd., initiated the founding of ETELA Charity Foundation. It is a charitable trust that helps people under the age of 18 with physical disabilities or in a difficult social situation. The ETELA Foundation was founded in December 2005. More about the foundation

For every 1,000 CZK you spend at our company, we donate 1 CZK to ETELA account.

CK Příbram – FANY Gastroservis

Since the beginning of 2014 FANY Gastroservis Ltd., have been the general partner of CK Příbram - FANY Gastroservis Cycling Team. For up-to-date information on upcoming events, team, equipment and photo gallery, visit

Ondřej Ježek – Motorcycle Racer

FANY Gastroservis Ltd., supports motorcycle racer Ondrej Ježek. You can find a competitor profile, a calendar of events, a photo gallery, and the latest news at

Honza Tománek

We are glad that we can support Honza Tománek, a succesful handicapped athlete and a representative of the Czech Republic in the sport of "Handbike". For more information about this sport and Honza Tománek visit