FANY Gastroservis s.r.o. produces during the year leaflets in which suppliers have the oppurtunity to place their goods.
The leaflet is distributed by post to all gastronomic establisment in Prague.

  1. If you have not participated in any of the events, please contact the Purchasing Department and relevant purchaser regarding the purchase price of the goods in the offer, the offer charges and other terms.
  2. Fill in the form called "dohoda o letákové akci" (leaflet agreement) for the relevant period in which you specify the goods in the offer. You can download the form here:
  3. Send the completed form to the relevant Purchasing department employee by email. The latest deadline for sending the form is 30 days before the event! (For example, the form for the offer valid from September 9 to September 30 must be send no later than 31st of July.)
  4. If you provide the graphic materials for printing yourself, it is necessary to send them to our graphic designer Mr. Jaroslav Nosál at the latest 25 days before the beginning of the event to relevant Purchaser. Documents must be in the print quality. If your graphic materials are processed by our company, it is necessary to deliver samples of the relevant goods to photo shooting no later than 25 days before the beginning of the event to our address. Please note that graphic processing costs may result in a higher fee for the event.